"Mobility Observer" to increase value for city planners

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Winner of data driven competition to aid planning for sustainable mobility services in Sweden

Visualisering av trafikdata
Picture of winners Tyler Wolf and Adam Ekberg of data visualisation challenge feb 2019

“Mobility Observer” is the winner of the data driven competition that will help mobility service providers and city planners in Sweden  get a better overview of travel patterns and existing infrastructure.

Project description 

A live demo of the project could be found here. “Mobility Observer” is produced by Adam Ekberg & Tyler Wolf (see picture of them above) and provides a means of visually analyzing and identifying opportunities in sustainable mobility services in the Stockholm municipal area. Mobility Observer is a web-based tool that maps quantitative travel data so that users can quickly identify areas for further inquiry.

The prototype is built as React front end using data files collected from the Stockholm Open Data API and maps are from Mapbox. Data is then layered over the maps using WebGL. 

The user is presented with a map and a toolbar for toggling various features on and off. Datasets included in the prototype are:  

  • Parking space locations
  • Bus stop locations
  • Bicycle traffic flow
  • Vehicle traffic flow

Users can toggle the various features on and off and use the map to visually identify areas of high or low service. Bicycle traffic flow is visualized in 3D where taller columns on the map signify higher traffic volume. Users can turn off the height-mapped data so that the points will instead appear flat on the map. 

Spela videoklipp

This data driven competition was hosted by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth in collaboration with the “A Challenge from Sweden” initiative for challenge-driven innovation by the Swedish Energy Agency and Swedish Incubators & Science Parks.

A Challenge from Sweden has an ongoing Sustainability Mobility challenge https://mobility.challengefrom.se that invites the world’s most progressive innovators and organisations to take part in unlocking the potential of sustainable mobility services powered data. The results of this data driven competition is planned to aid both mobility service providers of the sustainable mobility challenge and city planners in Sweden get a better overview of travel patterns and existing infrastructure.

The competition was open for entries between 2019-01-25 and 2019-02-15. The entries submitted within this period were judged independently by the jury panel and a winner was then appointed. The participants were informed about the results on 2019-02-26 with feedback from the jury.


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