An out of this world opportunity to be part of the crew on a mission to hack space to find solutions to improving life on Earth



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We are at the dawn of a new entrepreneurial era as space is being opened up allowing all of us to reach for the stars.

Providing a platform for research and exploration, space is critical for the advancement of humankind where space technology is a key driver for innovation. Over the years space tech has provided spin-off technologies which find application in everyday life and thus impacts the common livelihood of the every human being.

The space industry is further a catalyst for the development of communities, creates thousands of jobs and attract talent, boosting local economies. It is also a symbol of what is possible, inspiring an a innovative and independent high-tech knowledge society.


We are seeking undergraduate/graduate student space explorers from Singapore and Sweden to form diverse crews ready to undertake an audacious mission.

We welcome entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, artists, programmers and scientists from all back grounds and aim for a 50/50 female-male participation. The teams will be working virtually in true borderless style.

The final pitch will take place in Singapore the second week of November. There will be an eventful program including visit to SWITCH, company visits, events with the Swedish Embassy and SGInnovate and more.


Building on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the task of the crews is to explore how satellite data, space technology and other open data resources can be used to contribute to one or more of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and transform our world.

We are looking for feasible business or technical ideas that can be implemented with a budget of 1MUSD within a year’s time frame. Suggestion of a solution interesting for both Singapore and Sweden will be highly considered.

Ideas could for example include;

    • Urban heating/cooling/pollution and energy consumption
    • Circular economy and zero waste
    • Clean water
    • Ending hunger – precision agriculture/farming


Deadline for applications

4 October 2019

Election notifications

7 October 2019

Team formation and introducing team & mentors

10 October 2019

Submission of initial ideas

24 October 2019

Submission of final work

7 November 2019

Pitch prep and coaching

10 November 2019

Final pitch in Singapore

11 November 2019


  • Impact: How much impact (quality and quantity) can this project have? Does it solve a big problem or a little problem? Will it inspire or help many, or a few?
  • Creativity: How creative/innovative is the approach? Is the project novel and something that hasn’t been attempted before, or is it an incremental improvement on something that already exists?
  • Validity: Is the solution scientifically valid? Will it do what it sets out to do? Can it work in the real world?
  •  Relevance: Is this project responsive to the challenge for which it was submitted? Is it a complete solution or does it have a long way to go? Is it technically feasible? How usable or user friendly is the solution?
  • Presentation: How well did the team communicate their project? Were they effective in telling the story of the project: the challenge, the solution, and why it is important?


Porträtt på Ann Molin

Ann Molin

Head of Hack for Sweden

Business coach, hackathons for SDG’s, strategist, management

orträtt - jury Hack space for planet

Lynette Tan

Executive Director at SSTA

Business & Space Tech and solutions

orträtt - jury Hack space for planet

Lisa Enckell

Partner at Antler



Porträtt - mentor Hack space for planet

Sara Safavi

Head of Developer Relations At Planet

Geospatial engineer, satellite data expert, hackathon ninja

Porträtt - mentor Hack space for planet

Mathias Sundin

Co-founder and executive chairman of Warp Institute

Pitch coach. Former Member of Parliament and former Deputy Mayor. TEDx speaker, and author of two books

Porträtt - mentor Hack space for planet

Tanya Harrison

Education, Research and Science lead at Planet

Planetary scientist, communicator, satellite data expert

Porträtt - mentor Hack space for planet

Mikael Krogh

Managing Partner and Founder of Investigate venture capital. inhouse investor at Nordic Innovation House

Pitch coach, VC, conceptualising, packaging

Porträtt - mentor Hack space for planet

Sven Grahn

Project manager for MIST student satellite at KTH Space Center, Sweden

Former VP of engineering, SSC. Specialise in spacecraft design, history, technology, management of large projects.

Porträtt - mentor Hack space for planet

Marie Claire Maxwell

Head of Technology and Startup Lead, Asia Pacific at Business Sweden

Financing/VC/angel conceptualising - marketing and coms - pitch

Porträtt på Ann Molin

Ann Molin

Head of Hack for Sweden

Business coach, hackathons for SDG’s, strategist, management

Porträtt - mentor Hack space for planet

Carwan Rasoal

Founder at Airjobb

AI & business coach

Porträtt - mentor Hack space for planet

Joakim Fohlman

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Founder of Cubimo.com

Business coach

Porträtt - mentor Hack space for planet

Mr Lim Wee Seng

Executive Director at Satellite Research Centre, Nanyang Technological University

Space Research Centre operation, Consultancy, Business Development, Product Marketing, Project Management

Porträtt - mentor Hack space for planet

Jovice Ng

Research Director Singapore, Saab

Material specialist, AI, Machine learning, Talent development

Porträtt - mentor Hack space for planet

Tobias Edman

Head of Innovation and Public Benefit Swedish National Space Agency

Satellite data, conceptualizing, marketing, business development. Geodata, geographic analyses, earth observation and sustainable development

Porträtt - mentor Hack space for planet

Leyla Avzel

Founder of Avzel.life

Business and executive coach, trainer and speaker

Mentor Hack space for the planet

Alex Baker

Founder and CEO of Retail Tech X

Business Strategy, Disruptive Innovation and Impact

orträtt - mentor Hack space for planet

Annie Lindmark

Programme Manager, Sweden's Innovation Agency

Business & innovation coach, marketing & branding

Mentor hack space for the planet

Mr Eugene Ee

Instructor at Engineering Design and Innovation Centre, NUS

Space tech (space systems engineering, electronics design & prototyping) and Satellite data

Mentor Hack space for the planet

Dr. Luo Sha

Senior Lecturer, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, NUS

Space tech & Satellite data

Mentor Hack space for the planet

Donnie Lygonis

Innovation Strategist & Business Coach at KTH Innovation

Innovation Strategist & Business

Mentor Hack space for the planet

Elisabet Gullberg

Business Advisor at Uppsala university Innovation

Business coach, business advisor

Mentor Hack space for the planet

Björn Lovén

Head of Technology and Earth Observation Data Management Swedish National Space Agency.


Mentor Hack space for the planet

Suchitra Narayan

Director, Venture Build at SGInnovate

Financing, commercial advisory

Deborah Lygonis

Tech Entrepreneur and ESA-BIC Sweden Space Incubator

Marketing and communication

Joakim Enerstam

Sr Business Advisor at ABI & Project Manager ESA BIC Sweden

Business Coach




Industrial Engineering and Management & School of Entreprenurship
Industrial Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Logotyp för Hack For Sweden
Logo partner hack space for the planet
IMDA logo
Porträtt - Project leader Hack space for planet

Karin Nilsdotter

CEO & Future Astronaut Spaceport Sweden. PCI & UN Equals Women in Tech Taskforce
Project Leader Hack Space for the Planet

Poträtt - Team member Hack space for planet

Serdar Temiz

PhD, Lecturer & Researcher on Innovation and Open Data
Uppsala University

Team member Hack space for the planet

Sanika Birthi

MSc Aerospace Engineering at NTU-TUM and Research Intern at Satellite Research Center
Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore


Angela Yong

Program Manager for challengesgov.se
Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth

Any personal data you chose to submit to us by email, documents or entry forms will be used to administer the entire Space Hack challenge. The information will possibly be used in marketing purposes for the challenge platform. The data will only be registered during the time needed to fulfill these purposes.