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Tema : Digital inkludering

Sveriges största myndighetshackaton, Hack for Sweden, ordnar under hösten flertal utmaningar inom temat ”Digital inkludering”. Boka in följande tider i din kalender redan nu:

  • 8-10 oktober deltävlingar  
  • 23-24 oktober final

Utmaningarna som är fastställda är:

  • Covidbevis för alla
  • Landskap för alla
  • Förstärkt natur med AR
  • Demokratisk digitalisering

Är du intresserad av att veta mer om Hack for Sweden som samverkansorganisation finns ett antal informationsträffar inplanerade i September och November.

Information och anmälan : https://www.digg.se/utveckling-av-digital-forvaltning/hack-for-sweden


Open government data has been used in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. There is a crowdsourced open government data repository initiated by OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) as to what data are being released and how different actors (such as entrepreneurs, media, researchers, CSOs, and the own public sector) are innovating with them to support countries’ policies and actions.

A list updated by organisers of COVID-19 global hackathon aggregates data-sets from verified sources including the John Hopkins Virus Dashboard Repository and Tableau and a range range of building tools that could be helpful. Apart from the submitted projects from previously held Hack the crisis hackathons, this global hackathon has also a repository over ideas . Submitted projects are recently updated and will close for submissions on the 10th April 2020. 

Data from Swedish Government agencies about the COVID-19 outbreak for the moment are :

Other data resource from Sweden may be found in the  Swedish data portal

Here we include an animation created by Anders Elias based on open data from the Statatistics Swedish government agency’s DeSO (demographic statistics based on regional classification). The animation illustrates population statistics together with geographical areas so one can see where risk groups like the elderly are living.

Another example is from the  Swedish Television data journalistic group has created a page that visualises the ongoing outbreak by combining different data sources. 

Hack the crisis global community

The first Hack the crisis hackathon was initiated by Estonia and since then many countries have followed their steps. 

The website Hack the Crisis Global Community is updated continously and you can find inspiration for your project by checking out suggested projects from earlier hackathons.

The site also provides guidelines as to how to organise an online hack and a chat room where organisers can help each other out.

Screen shot taken on the 29th March from https://garage48.org/hackthecrisis

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