-How can data be used in an innovative way to create smart cities ?


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How can data be used in an innovative way to create smart cities? How can we by tech help our society and its habitants to develop in a sustainable way? If these are questions that you find interesting, this is the hackathon for you! No special skills are required, for example in programming. We would like you to be a innovative team player with an interest in creating smart cities in a sustainable way.

Future Position X is a Non-profit Network Organization founded in 2006 with a focus on health and well-being in the smart, sustainable, viable city and community. They are partnering with Hack for Sweden to host this hackathon: Hack for Gävle

For 24 hours, developers and other creatives from all over Sweden will gather,  focusing on the concept of Smart Cities. 

The hackathon will be held on the 15th-16th February and is free of charge and open for everyone. Food as well as sleeping arrangements will be provided for free.

Read more and register at https://hack-for-gavle.confetti.events/

hack for Gävle - People

What is a Hackathon

A hackathon is an event where problem solving is the focus. People work together and work together to create new innovative solutions to specific problems for a limited time. It is a playful and effective method of boosting creativity and new ideas. Participants work together in groups to find solutions to the challenges and problems presented.

It is also a great way to encourage people to think outside the box in a safe and welcoming environment. Hackathons is one of the future design methods where you can take advantage of people’s differences and work on problem solving in a fun, inspiring and transparent way. Hackathons are no longer just for programmers and developers. Everyone can be part of a hackathon. Diversity means increased innovation.


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