How can we create innovative services or products by using data from municipalities?


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Increased use of open data from municipalities will be an important catalyst for innovation in the Swedish business sector.
Research from the Stockholm School of Economics suggests that completely open geodata could generate socio-economic gains of about SEK 200 million. 
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

That is why we ask you,
if you would have access to data from municipalities, how would you then build an innovative and sustainable product or service that would be beneficial for entrepreneurs, small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)?


9 September 2019: We are happy to have announced during a seminar at Stockholm Tech Safari that three entries have been selected as winners of this data challenge:

  • First prize: Team “Be Here Then” comprising of Charlotte Rodenstedt and Jamie Cockburn, submitted their winning entry about “A time machine in your pocket”
  • Runner-up: Wim Technology AB comprising of Jonathan Lönnefjord, Arvid Bräne, Mattias Andersson, Isak Dunér and Philip Torstensson, submitted their winning entry entitled “Scandinavia’s first mobile charging network”
  • Runner-up : XOAR Technology AB comprising of Ramin J. Imani and Johan Pettersson, submitted their winning entry entitled “XOAR – the first socio-digital urban mobility marketplace”

More information about the entries will be updated later!


Open Data in the Stockholm Region- is a collaborative project lead by Beatrice Sablone involving 26 municipalities in the Greater Stockholm region. 

The aim of this project is to make municipal data available to private individuals and SMEs to increase its usage in order to drive new innovation and growth.

So to enable all this data, we want you to show our municipalities through this challenge how data can enable innovative and sustainable products or services for our small to medium sized companies.

The project is financed by the European Regional Development Fund as well as the City of Stockholm and will run until the end of 2020. After this date, the work will be continued by the municipalities. It is also part of the City of Stockholm Smart city program and is run by a dedicated core team with diverse backgrounds and complementary expertise.

The project team has developed processes and tools to support the municipalities, procured a common regional open data portal, collaborated closely with key representatives from the 26 municipalities, and had face-to-face meetings with nearly 50 companies and organizations to continuously gain new insights into the needs and requirements of open data.

Anyone can enter this challenge, it does not matter if you are a private person, a company or if you participate as a team.

You submit your idea by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. 

Your idea shall be presented in a written format. It is optional if you want to show your idea as a prototype or as a video.

The entry must be original and may not have been previously published, completely or partially, in similar competitions. 

Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Business case (financial and end-user impact vs realisation and estimated costs)
  • Implementation (technical design, data accessibility, usability, design and presentation)
  • Creativity, originality and innovation

Stockholm Region Open Data award:

The winner of this challenge will be granted 40.000 SEK.
Second prize: 20.000 SEK.
Third prize: 20.000 SEK.

Each winner’s contribution has the potential to be commercialized and exhibits the combination of data creatively and has created the best and most innovative application or service as a whole.

All winners will have the possibility in having their requested data prioritized as open data from all municipalities in Stockholm and the opportunity to collaborate with the Open Data in the Stockholm Region project and decision makers from the Stockholm region to move work forward.

A price cannot be transferred, or wholly or partially exchanged for other compensation in accordance with these rules.

Participation means that each participant declines other compensation requirements other than the competition prizes announced. Any tax will be paid by the winners.  

The winners will be announced at our prize ceremony during Stockholm Tech week Safari, September 9th, and published on and also in the other channels of the arranging authorities.


Examples of data sources available for use are listed below.
Other sources than the ones listed may be used but the use of any of the data sources
from the municipalities in the Stockholm region is highly valued.


  • Conservation: Levels of toxins
  • Environmental protection: Air quality
  • Food: Nutrition
  • Cleaning: Amount of trash
  • Utilities: Water usage
  • Energy production: Sustainable energy usage

Urban Planning

  • City planning/construction: Construction plans
  • Land usage: Untouched areas
  • Housing: Ownership
  • Traffic system: Roads in need of repair
  • Traffic planning: Traffic streams, means of travel
  • Cadastral survey: Maps
  • Telephone and data networks: Fiber network


  • Pre-school: Free seats
  • Elementary school: Food menu
  • High school: Stats of grades
  • Adult education: Stats of applicants
  • Higher vocational education: Statistics about various professions
  • Internships: Number of seats

Social issues

  • Support for disabled people: Statistics covering routines
  • Supervision for trustees: Number of trustees
  • Supervision of trustees: Evaluation data
  • Elderly care: Number of places with housing for the elderly
  • Social service: Welfare data


  • Trustees: Numbers of trustees
  • Rehab: Locations of rehab centres, individual and family carers


  • Traffic: Traffic updates, road tolls
  • Mobility: Travel patterns
  • Municipal vehicles: Vehicle data
  • Bike rental: Locating available bikes

Economy & other

  • Economy / Procurement: Municipal budget
  • Employment: Workplace stats
  • Business activities: Startups
  • IT: Level of digitalisation 
  • Strategic planning: Sustainable development
  • Security: Emergency service assignments
  • Communication: Internal mail, turism per season
  • Law: Legislation

Cultural & Recreational activities

  • Cultural schools: Quantity of programs
  • Art: Objects in galleries, gallery halls
  • Library: Archive of titles
  • Recreational Activities: Objects at museums, art collection
  • Sports: Statistics of competitions, sport clubs
  • Events: Planned events
  • History: Archival data
  • Cultural heritage: Collection of ancient monuments



By registering your entry, you agree to the following rules:
  1. The contribution should be using at least one data source from any municipality data. The contribution can combine these together with other data sources.
  2. Restrictions on data from each individual authority or organization are to be followed.
  3. The entry must be original and may not have been previously published, completely or partially, in similar competitions.
  4. The presentation of the contribution can made in English or Swedish but English is preferred.
  5. The entry shall not violate Swedish law. Organizers of the competition reserve the right to remove any entries received that are not in compliance.
  6. The entries must be the contesting team’s own idea or solution. It should be owned by the team and not violate any copyrights or intellectual property rights. When open source code or libraries are used the source must be clearly stated and free of intellectual property rights.
  7. All participants must be prepared for interaction with the jury, the authorities’ representatives and parties who in some way contribute to the competition. Filming of participants can be made during presentations and interviews but participants will be informed beforehand.
  8. There is no age limit for participating, but the guardian has to be assigned for persons under the age of 18.
  9. Submission of the entry is to be made using the form further down on this page latest by 2019-08-31.
  10. Presentation material and/or link to the solution may be presented publicly.
  11. Suspected cheating will lead to disqualification.
  12. Contributions that do not meet the above requirements will not be dealt with in the competition.
  13. In the event of conflict, the organizers of this competition’s decision will prevail when it comes to competition rules and assessment criteria.
  14. The organizers of this competition reserve the right to change the terms, conditions and criteria up to the start of the challenge.

Rights for the contestants

The ideas, prototypes, services or other material produced during the competition are owned by the participants themselves.

Please note that contest entries submitted are official documents. This means that the agency must disclose them to any person upon request, as long as the information is not subject to secrecy pursuant to the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act. This also applies to contest entries that are rejected or revoked. The agency’s decisions and motivations for decision-making are also official documents. It is the agency that determines whether the information is subject to secrecy or not, but if your competition entry in your opinion contains business secrets, please contact the organizers before submitting it.

The organizers of the competition do reserve the right to describe the entries publicly and present them on this website, in social media that are linked to the platform, and all the participating authorities and organizations’ websites and other communication and marketing channels

The Jury

For this competition, the entries submitted will be reviewed by an external panel av jury.

The jury can promote the competition, but any questions about the competition will be made to the organizers of the competition. The jury is impartial and works according to the assessment criteria above. The jury’s decision cannot be appealed against.

What can the team win?

First prize: 40.000 SEK
Second prize: 20.000 SEK
Third prize: 20.000 SEK

Processing of personal data

Any personal data will be managed to administer and designate winners in the competition and will possibly be used in marketing purposes for the challenge platform. The data will only be registered during the time needed to fulfill these purposes. Click here for more information.

Questions and information

More information about the competition and the possibility to ask questions is available at


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Christer Forsberg Philip

Chief Digital Officer
Stockholm City

Beatrice Sablone

Chair of jury group
Project Manager Open data
Stockholm Region

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Kajsa Hedberg

CEO Swedish Incubators
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Regional Development Manager

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Press Officer



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