About us

The world is changingfaster and faster. At the same time as the world is changingplenty of data is being produced and now the Swedish government authorities have chosen to open up their data for wider use. By combining challenges with data, it is possible to create solutions that are helpful for all of us. 

That is why we have created the platform challengesgov.se. The platform is aimed for the public sector, the academic sectorentrepreneurs and enterprises who want to lead change forward and take initiatives with the help of data. We currently do not have all information in English yet but please check out the section on Utmaningaras some challenges are described in English. 

This platform is supported by an ongoing government mission that is exploring ways in promoting open and data-driven innovation. Be part of this mission and collaborate with us, either by taking part in the societal challenges we publish here or contact us for other opportunities you wish to experiment with. We hope to hear from you!

How we process personal data

The information you choose to submit through any of our entry forms will be handled to administer related competitions or information about the platform. The information may be used for marketing purposes for this challenge platform. The information will only be registered for the time needed to fulfill these objectives.

For the handling of personal data in emails and subscriptions see this page on how we process personal data.


The following partners participate in this national open and data-driven innovation platform by providing open data and fee-based data for a limited time, developing needs / issues that are of interest to external innovators to solve or contributing with other skills relevant to the platform. Contact us if you are interested in being a partner.


Are you interested in being informed about the platform or future competitions from challengesgov.se?

Or are you from the public sector and working with societal challenges or needs to be solved?

Maybe you or your organization are working with open and data-driven innovation and would like to share your knowledge and experience.

Welcome in contacting us!